Summer is finally here, and the weather couldn’t be more perfect for al fresco dining. From crafting the perfect outdoor atmosphere to planning fresh, seasonal food, keep reading for some top tips for hosting a spectacular outdoor dinner party.

Al Fresco Dining

Keep your guests warm and comfortable

As the sun sets, the evenings can become quite chilly. Make sure your guests stay warm and toasty with our Earthfire Ceramic Fire Pit. It’s portable and easy to use, making it the ideal way to bring warmth and comfort to your guests during any outdoor soiree. It stays warm long after the fire has burnt out and its ash container makes it safe to use on a wooden deck.

Provide seasonal and weather-proof food

No dinner party is complete without an array of nibbles for your guests to enjoy. If you’re hosting a party outside, think about foods that won’t spoil in the summer heat. Avoid any cream-based foods or anything that needs refrigerating.

A great choice for outdoor entertaining is our outdoor pizza oven. Fire it up and have pizzas ready for your guests in minutes. You can top your pizzas with seasonal vegetables from your local farm shop to create a party menu that is bursting with freshness.

Choose music to complement the mood

A great playlist can really enhance the mood for your outdoor dinner party. Choose instrumental musical compositions over those with lyrics to help your guests enjoy their conversations without being distracted by songs they know. Keep your musical theme cohesive to create a consistent atmosphere throughout your party.

Curate your theme with decorative touches

From table centrepieces to napkin colours and outdoor lighting, choosing a theme or a colour palette for your party and adding accents of it around your outdoor space is a wonderful way to take your event to the next level. Think about adding scented candles as the evening draws in – they add ambience as well as keeping insects at bay.

Enjoy the summer in style this year with our range of products designed to create the perfect outdoor dinner party. From our easy-to-use Earthfire Ceramic Fire Pit that brings warmth and comfort to your outdoor space, to our Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven for cooking delicious, seasonal food for your gatherings, our products are portable and look great in your garden.