• Frequently Asked Questions


1)     My Grenadier seems to be taking longer to light the fuel than it used to.

a)      Make sure that you have sufficient fuel in front of the nozzle, even your Grenadier will struggle to light fresh air!

b)      Are you using a new batch of fuel? In the case of coal, quality can vary significantly with some poor quality coals being very difficult to light and put out very low heat levels. Basically, If your Grenadier won’t light it, nothing will!

c)      It is unlikely to be your Grenadier as they either work or don’t work – very rare!

2)      My Grenadier is not high enough to light my stove/fire

Have a look at our Extra Height Stand which takes the Grenadier up to 50cm (!9 ½”) above the hearth.

3)       My Grenadier is not blowing hot air.

If your Grenadier is only blowing cold air when the key is inserted and the red light is on then you need a new element which can be ordered here. The new element is supplied with fitting instructions and should be fitted by a competent person, no special tools are required.

4)      I need a Spare Part for my Grenadier

All Grenadier parts can be ordered here.

5)       Does my Grenadier need regular servicing?

No, your Grenadier needs no special servicing, just make sure that the Nozzle is at least 50mm (2”) long and replace it if necessary.

6)      What are the most important usage tips?

a)      Once the fire is lit always switch the element off and leave the Grenadier blowing cold air, this spreads the fire through the fuel bed, cools the tube and importantly de-stresses the element to give maximum element life.

b)      Pull the nozzle clear of the lit fuel as soon as possible to give maximum nozzle life.

7)     Do Grenadier Firelighters Ltd offer a repair service?

Yes, you can return your Grenadier for repair to our Chester Address. Please include contact details and the problem that you are experiencing. We will contact you to advise costs before we start any repair.

8)     The mains cable on my Grenadier is not long enough.

The standard cable is 2m long, we do offer a 3m long cable which can be ordered here, any longer and it becomes a bit unwieldy.

9)        What is the best way to load logs onto the fuel bed?

Remember the old saying about lighting a log fire “ One can’t, two won’t, three will ” – this relates to the minimum number of logs you will need, a single log will not light on its own.

You will probably find it best to load 2 or 3 logs in one direction on the grate with 2 or 3 logs on top at right angles and keep going as required, this makes sure that you get good air flow through the fuel bed.

10)       My fireplace smokes into the room will the Grenadier Help?

Whilst there is no guarantee as fireplaces are something of a “Black Art” the grenadier can be used to pre-warm the chimney flue before lighting the fuel. This is done by positioning the nozzle either above or to the side of the fuel so that the hot air from the nozzle goes up the flue. Leaving the Grenadier in position for 5 to 10 minutes can make a significant difference and we know of many customers who successfully use this technique.

A local HETAS engineer can give advice on specific chimney issues.

11)      Will the Grenadier help to improve the efficiency of my stove/fire?

As the grenadier gets the fuel lit extremely fast and also acts as bellows to spread the fire through the fuel bed quickly then the fire gets up to working temperature much faster than using traditional methods. This means that the fire reaches peak efficiency faster as it is not just slumbering before it finally gets going as can be the case when using matches/newspaper. The Grenadier turbo charges your fire!

If your question is not answered here, please call 01829 741649 or email sales@grenadier.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.