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Award Winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter and Pizza Ovens

Easily explore the complete Grenadier collection. From our award-winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter to the world’s finest Italian wood fired pizza ovens handmade by Alfa, we have a great range of products to enhance your living areas.

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The Grenadier Electric Firelighter is guaranteed to light any solid fuel fire, including wood, coal and smokeless fuel within minutes. Its secret lies in its powerful, concentrated heat which is directed onto the fuel by the built-in fan. Say goodbye to chemical firelighters, matches and kindling with the best fire lighter on the market.

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We take great pride in the unusual, yet practical nature of our products and the standard of service provided. We try to ensure that all Online orders for Grenadier Firelighters received by 3:00 PM Monday to Friday are despatched that day by 24 Hour Next Day Service.