What makes an outdoor party an experience to remember? Is there anything you can do to guarantee your guests will have a wonderful time? Whether you’re worried about the weather, or you’re not sure how to create a great atmosphere for your guests outdoors, we’ve got some essential alfresco dining tips that are sure to bring a shine to your outdoor soiree.

Alfresco Dining

Planning your space

Whatever the occasion may be, every event will have different requirements that may mean configuring your outdoor space differently to suit the occasion. Things to consider are where will food be cooked and served? Where will people linger prior to eating? Where is the best place to serve drinks? Where will people sit to eat and whether there is any space needed for garden games or activities. Our outdoor firepit and pizza oven are both portable and are therefore versatile enough for you to configure your outdoor space to suit any occasion.

Make allowances for rain

When you’re planning an event far in advance, you can’t always guarantee that the weather will stay dry. It’s worth thinking about how you’re going to prepare and serve food – if you’re planning on doing it outside, make sure your guests can sit underneath a garden parasol or even a gazebo if the forecast on the day involves any chance of rain.


Think about seating and physical comfort

Some of the best alfresco dining experiences have included soft furnishings such as cushions or blankets so that guests are just as comfortable outside as they might be inside.


Ensure your guests are warm

As the evenings draw in, there can be quite the chill in the air. Making sure you have a source of heat for people to enjoy is vital if you want your guests to be comfortable. A popular choice is our Earthfire ceramic fire pit, which radiates comfort and warmth, even after the fire has burnt out.


Lighting and ambience

Good outdoor lighting can really enhance your outdoor space, giving it a wonderful ambience as well as practical illumination for important areas. Think about which areas you will need lit, such as a pathway from the garden to the house, the eating area and any areas you want to highlight.

Whatever your party plans are for this summer, our Earthfire Ceramic Fire Pit and Earthfire Portable Pizza Oven are a great way to provide warmth and ambience to your outdoor soirees. It’s easy to use, easy to move, and will look great in your garden.