What do you need to think about when you want to buy an outdoor pizza oven? Are your only options huge, built-in ovens or are there more portable alternatives available? Here are five things to think about when choosing an outdoor pizza oven:

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1.Permanent or portable pizza oven?

Entertaining outdoors is a wonderful way to enjoy food, but committing to a large, built-in pizza oven in your garden permanently is a big undertaking. Smaller pizza ovens will be easy to move, and are a much more flexible approach to alfresco dining.

2. Is it a wood fired pizza oven, or is it gas-fuelled?

If you’re looking for an authentic pizzeria experience, a wood burning pizza oven should give you the stone-baked finish you’ve been craving, with a delicate flavour and crispy base that gas-fuelled ovens struggle to replicate.

3. How much does a pizza oven cost?

You can spend thousands of pounds having a pizza oven built into your garden that will cook 6-8 pizzas at a time, but unless you have regular pizza parties for more than 40 people, a high quality portable pizza oven for less than £300 might be a more appropriate choice.

4. Is it easy to use?

The great thing about our Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven is that you can be enjoying a delicious 35cm hot pizza in just a few minutes.

5. Is it stylish? Does the pizza oven fit in with your garden?

Aesthetics are an important consideration if you want your pizza oven to have good form as well as function. Ceramic pizza ovens are a much more visually authentic choice and will bring a little taste of the Italian countryside to your garden. They also won’t crack or rust when left outdoors for long periods.

So if you’re looking for a beautifully designed, easy to use, portable outdoor pizza oven this summer then our Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven is for you. It’s a wood-fired pizza oven, and along with making delicious, crispy pizzas, it’s also suitable for smoking food, barbequing, and even baking bread.