Summer is the perfect opportunity for camping in the great British outdoors: quality family time, long walks, and excellent food in the fresh air. And if you love the taste of homemade Italian pizza and want to be able to re-create that crispy base and perfectly melted mozzarella from just about anywhere, then the Earthfire Portable Pizza Oven could be the perfect culinary solution. Small and versatile to be used in the garden or outdoor area; and it’s even small enough to take camping but big enough to make large 35cm delicious

Lady With Pizza

Take it just about anywhere

It’s light enough to be transported to wherever your summer plans take you, and small enough to be stored away during the winter months (although there’s nothing better than enjoying warm, tasty pizza on a cold winter’s day). This high-quality glazed ceramic pizza oven, refrains from absorbing rain and can even live outdoors permanently – thanks to the complimentary rain cover.

Study and practical

The oven sits proudly on top of a practical and sturdy stainless steel stand, which can be ideally placed on top of a camping table, on the beach or garden decking – so you can set up camp just about anywhere with this versatile pizza oven.

The secret behind delicious pizzas

The Earthfire portable pizza oven has all the cooking characteristics of a conventional pizza oven but at massively less cost and taking up far less space in your garden.  Unlike your home oven which only goes up to 260°C, the Earthfire Pizza Oven reaches temperatures over 350°C in just 30 minutes. The high temperature is the secret behind cooking delicious authentic pizzas – even the Italians would agree! A pizza is ready in around 2 minutes so after a day in the fresh air, you can satisfy everyone’s appetite with very little fuss.

Enjoy delicious food in the great outdoors with our Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven– great for cooking far more than just pizza. Use it to barbeque, grill, or roast your food and add variety to your outdoor menu. A key feature is its portability, making it perfect for taking on your camping holiday this summer.