More Than a PIZZA Oven: Cooking in an Outdoor Wood-Fired Oven

Everyone loves feeling like a gourmet chef when they make a home-baked pizza in their own wood-fired pizza oven. While it’s true, you can bring out your inner foodie when it comes to freshly made pizza, there is so much more than a bit of dough that can go into your wood-fired oven. From freshly baked bread, to roast vegetables and tender, juicy steaks… your choices are limitless.

A personal favourite is baking a nice crusty loaf of bread. The open flame gives a crisp outer crust and leaves the inside soft and delicious. The best part? Preparation is the same as cooking in a traditional oven, with an added artisan quality to your baking. If you have an outdoor wood-fired oven, you get the added benefit of enjoying cooking in your garden during the summer, and not heating your house up at the same time.

Another top pick for your garden grilling, is being able to make delicious, sizzling steaks over the wood-fired logs. When combined with the Alfa BBQ500, you can turn your oven into a BBQ, increasing the capabilities of your oven. Your steaks will pick up the flavourful hints of whatever wood you are using, along with having the perfect sear from the open flames. Add a drizzle of olive oil, your favourite seasonings and cook to your preferred temperature before serving…. et voila! Gourmet grilling with ease.

Here at Grenadier, we’re partial to the Alfa 4 Pizze. And while it boasts that you can cook 4 pizzas in 90 seconds, we love the variety of mouth-watering dishes it’s capable of creating. The possibilities are endless, as you’re not limited to just creating main courses, you can even create delectable desserts for all to enjoy. You can find a few recipes, as well as browse through Grenadier’s complete range of Alfa Wood-Fired Ovens here.

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