One of the most common questions we get asked over the phone is whether the Grenadier Firelighter can be used to light woodburners and other solid fuel stoves, such as Rayburns and Agas.

The answer is definitely Yes, but it does depend upon the individual stove.


When using a Grenadier Firelighter with a stove, the door must be left open during ignition to allow the Grenadier access to the fuel. This may occasionally give rise to some smoke coming in to the room.

We therefore advise before buying a Grenadier to check whether there is likely to be a smoking issue.This can be achieved by simply leaving the door slightly open when lighting a cold stove in the conventional manner.

Most smoking problems at start-up with woodburners are related to the flue. It may require cleaning, but is more often caused by cold, damp air in the flue initially preventing the flue from drawing the smoke up the chimney.

Where this is a known problem, some customers use their Grenadier to pre-warm the flue system before attempting ignition, rather than employing the traditional approach of burning a few sheets of newspaper.

If you would like to discuss your particular situation in more detail, please call us on 01829 741649.