Most of our customers initially purchase their Grenadier Firelighter to help with the lighting of their solid fuel open fire, range or stove.

Dispensing with the need for smelly firelighters, scrunched up newspaper, different sizes of kindling, etc., the Grenadier Electric Firelighter is guaranteed to light the fire within minutes, whether its coal, wood or smokeless fuel.

The result is laying and lighting the fire is no longer a chore, plus it is significantly more economical than using chemical firelighters every day.

But as the seasons roll from Winter through Spring in to Summer, don’t pack your Electric Firelighter away! Your Grenadier is great for lighting barbecues, outdoor pizza ovens, chimneas and firepits – its odour-free lighting means you avoid the lingering chemical after-taste often experienced when firelighters are used.

And when the autumn comes around and the garden is being tidied, your Grenadier will make distant memories of the problems of igniting your garden incinerator.

*** Remember to follow the normal safety rules for using electrical equipment outdoors, when  using your Grenadier Electric Firelighter with your barbeque, garden incinerator etc. ***