At Grenadier Firelighters, it is not unusual for us to receive phone calls from people who purchased one of our firelighters many decades ago.

Often they are wishing to purchase another Grenadier, perhaps for their new house or as a present for a friend or relation. And sometimes, they are looking for a replacement part to keep their much loved appliance operational.

Answering the office phone late last year, we heard an instantly recognisable voice which immediately brought memories flooding back. It was Bamber Gascoigne, the presenter of University Challenge for 25 years, who established catchphrases such as ‘fingers on buzzers’ and ‘your starter for ten’.

Bamber Gascoigne. Copyright ITV/Rex Features His challenge for us was a simple one, the safety key for his well-used Grenadier Firelighter had been mislaid and he needed a replacement. No need to confer to answer that request, a replacement was in the post to him the same day.

Every single part of a Grenadier Firelighter is available as a spare – you could even build a complete new Firelighter from the items on our spares list, although it is not necessarily the most cost-effective way to acquire one!

So if you have a Grenadier which is gathering dust because it needs a replacement part, give us a call.