Pizza is a meal adored all over the world with many different cities and countries claiming to make the best pizzas you will ever taste! There is a lot to be said for personal taste and preference when it comes to finding the best pizzas, but there are certain things that many people will agree upon. This is why certain restaurants find that they have customers coming back to them time and time again because their taste is one that is loved by so many people.

However you don’t have to go to a restaurant or take-away place to enjoy a great pizza, you can make a delicious pizza from the comfort of your own home. In fact, when we are lucky enough to have great weather, you can cook and enjoy the best pizzas outside in the sunshine. While the home environment and happy atmosphere are great additions to a fantastic pizza, there are some clear reasons why an outdoor pizza oven really does make the best pizza.



An outdoor pizza oven will operate at a much higher temperature than can be achieved with a domestic oven. A number of independent tests have shown that cooking at a higher temperature has a major impact on the quality, consistency and taste of a pizza.


The higher temperature brings a shorter cooking time and this really helps to deliver a crisper base and seal in the mouth-watering tastes and flavours in your pizza. With an outdoor pizza oven, it is possible to reach temperatures in excess of 350°C, which is considerably higher than domestic household ovens can achieve!

It is also the reason why many of the best pizza restaurants around the world continue to use traditional wood-fired pizza ovens.


Ceramic and stone outdoor pizza ovens are very effective at retaining heat and then releasing it gradually in an even and effective manner. This means that your pizza will be cooked evenly, as it will be heated rapidly from all directions.


For example a ceramic outdoor pizza oven can deliver two hours of cooking time after the initial heating for 30 minutes burning either charcoal or seasoned wood.

If you are using wood rather than charcoal to fire your outdoor pizza oven, it is important to use well-seasoned wood as this will burn quickly and efficiently at a higher temperature, minimising the generation of smoke and soot which can adversely affect the flavour of the pizza.

The ideal pizza may come down to a matter of taste for some people, but there is no doubt that the very high temperature generated in an outdoor pizza oven is the secret ingredient to creating the perfect home-made pizza!