It feels like we’ve had a long winter and with the daffodils and snowdrops slowly blooming we’re all looking forward to the longer and hopefully warmer Spring days. But that doesn’t mean you have to forget about lighting your fire, or using the Grenadier Electric Firelighter, there are still plenty of ways to make use of it beyond the winter.

Chilly Spring/Summer weather

It’s easy not to associate the summer months with lighting your fire, but sadly in the UK we do still experience chilly mornings and evenings even throughout the Spring and Summer.  Lighting your fire with the Grenadier Electric Firelighter is quick and efficient and can make your house feel so much cosier too.

Lighting an Aga/Range cooker

The Grenadier Firelighter can be used to light solid fuel Aga’s. These are often used even in the Spring and Summer as they are so good for cooking food and keeping your kitchen at a consistent temperature all year round.

Burning garden waste

If you want to give your garden a good spring clean now that the weather is a little warmer you’ll undoubtedly be collecting leaves, branches and other garden debris that needs burning.  The Grenadier Firelighter is ideal for lighting garden incinerators safely and easily.

Lighting BBQs

Unlike liquid or chemical firelighters, no chemical taste is transferred to the food when you light your BBQ with the Grenadier – and the barbecue will be ready to cook much faster, as recommended by Jamie Oliver in ‘Jamie at Home’.

Lighting outdoor firepits

If we are lucky enough to have a decent summer, you may want to enjoy an outside fire (see our popular Earthfire outdoor pit), but you won’t want to spend all summer getting a decent flame going. The Grenadier Firelighter is ideal for lighting outdoor fires when you don’t want the hassle of matches and kindling.

So you see the Grenadier Firelighter has more versatile uses than just lighting a traditional fire. For more information visit: