As the temperatures get higher, so too does our desire to spend more and more time outdoors. This includes mealtime, moving from the kitchen to the great outdoors! The smoky smell of barbeques around the neighbourhood are as mouthwatering as the sound of the sizzle on the grill. With all that in mind, we find ourselves debating sometimes the most important question of all: WOOD or CHARCOAL?

This question may seem silly to some, but to true enthusiasts… the divide is great! While there really is no wrong way to cook outdoors, you’ll find that the wood vs. charcoal supporters are very passionate in their beliefs about which is the better way to grill or smoke your next meal.

Wood burning grillers use a wide variety of non-poisonous woods for cooking, such as hickory, cherry, maple, mesquite, apple, etc. With each wood, you’ll find a unique heat and smoke profile. Harder woods, such as hickory, provide a longer heat source, and are great for smoking large joints of meat. Whereas, softer woods, such as birch, have high heat for a short time, which is better for sausages and small cuts of meat. The flavour of many wood-smoked meats just can’t be beaten.

For every die-hard wood burning barbecuer though, there is another charcoal griller that just can’t be swayed. Some advantages to a charcoal grill is that they get very hot and have a tendency to burn for much longer. Drippings from the meat drop onto the charcoal and some of the sizzling steams up, creating a totally unique flavour. In addition to the flavour, cooking over charcoal also creates an excellent crackling on most meats!

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