Summer is now really here, and we are all looking forward to every opportunity to be outside with a cool drink and the smell of a delicious feast sizzling in the air. Instead of cooking over a hot stove on a sunny day, you can have the satisfaction of cooking like a gourmet chef, all from the comfort of your own garden by owning a wood-fired pizza oven.

Pizza ovens can make a great focal point to your garden, great for entertaining your guests or as an elegant addition to your outdoor cooking area. Because you’re not limited to just pizzas, the options are endless. You can make anything from burgers and roasts, to fresh fish, sausages, vegetables and even bread.

Grenadier is proud to introduce Alfa Italian Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens, the finest wood-burning ovens in the world. Alfa ovens are the perfect example of craftmanship combined with cooking flexibility. Imagine being able to cook your own pizza in a gorgeous wood-fired oven. Here are just a few examples of some of the advantages of owning an Alfa wood-fired oven:

  • Lights up quickly, with heat up to 500°C (930°F) in only ten minutes.
  • Can cook pizza in one minute, reducing energy consumption and waiting times.
  • Forninox Technology making the most of the properties of stainless-steel and unique refractory firebricks resulting in light and easy to move ovens.
  • Alfa ovens don’t need masonry work and fit perfectly in every décor.
  • Full range of accessories including Multi-Functional Bases, Covers, Peel Sets and BBQ kits to really compliment these unique ovens.


If you’re looking to add an Alfa Italian Wood-Fired Pizza Oven to your outdoor cooking experience, you can browse our collection here. We offer a variety of sizes and colours to suit any garden.

Alfa wood-burning ovens purchased through Grenadier come with FREE shipping within mainland UK and an introductory offer of a complimentary Grenadier Electric Firelighter to light up your latest acquisition.