We stock the genuine, high quality Pither fire bricks (often referred to as Refractory bricks) for Pither Stoves, numbers 2 and 4. Pither Stoves, known for their impressive style, fuel efficiency and heat output, burn natural anthracite; a clean superior smokeless fuel. They are a reliable source of heat if you want to keep your home warm throughout the winter and they operate at an exceptional 75-80% efficiency (open fires operate at around 25%).

Pither No 4 And No 2 Fire Bricks (1024x767)

How to light your Pither Stove
If your Pither Stove is taking a long time to light, the ​Grenadier Electric Firelighter​ is the ideal appliance to light it quickly and efficiently. It directs powerful, concentrated heat directly onto the anthracite so that it reaches burning point quicker. There’s no need to be messing with newspaper, matches, wood or chemical firelighters, simply place the nozzle of the Grenadier Firelighter just touching the the lower steel fire bars, then turn the removable safety key to start the heat.

Order your replacement ​fire bricks for your Pither Stove here​ or call 01829 741649 if you need advice.