Chef Jason Palin shares another of his recipes for the new Earthfire outdoor ceramic pizza oven

Chef’s description: “Crisp-skinned mackerel baked in the pizza oven with super healthy provencal vegetables. A simple dinner for a summer evening with a true Mediterranean taste.”


Serves two


2 medium fresh mackerel (cleaned and gutted)

2 red long sweet peppers

4 baby aubergines

4 baby leeks

Few sprigs thyme

Garlic bulb large (unpeeled)

1 lemon cut in four slices

Splash of olive oil

Sea salt /smoky paprika

4 large shallots peeled


Wash all the vegetables. Preheat your pizza oven for 30 minutes. Then simply pop all the vegetables, including the whole garlic onto the ceramic plate. Slash the mackerel skin three times each side and press thyme into the cuts along with two lemon slices. Rub the fish with oil, salt and paprika. When the vegetables have cooked for three minutes put the mackerel in to bake for four minutes. Turn over and cook for a further four minutes.

Serve up half the vegetables with each fish and finish with crusty french bread, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic or fruity vinegar.

Chef’s tip: Remember the heat of this oven is 350ºC so it will cook the fish very quickly – keep an eye on it and check regularly.

Chef’s Wine Recommendation: To accompany the oven-baked mackerel, Jason suggests the Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc 2011. This Chardonnay blend is great with roasted vegetables. A fresh, subtly-perfumed wine with hints of apples and pears. Order at