At Grenadier, we regularly hear tales from satisfied customers of how they find additional uses for our products. Often it is people using their Grenadier firelighter to light barbeques and their firepits. But the users of our ceramic outdoor pizza ovens are far more adventurous – you would perhapsbe amazed at what has been cooked on one.

As with traditional wood-fired ovens made of brick or clay, Grenadier pizza ovens soon get used for any recipes which benefit from high temperature baking, not just pizza – anything from freshly caught mackerel to autumn fruit cobblers.

But the most common non-pizza use is for baking bread. Wood fired pizza ovens can produce loaves and rolls with that traditional look, smell and texture reminiscent of the small village bakeries discovered when on holiday in rural France or Italy.

Whether your craving is for a rustic ciabatta, sour dough or flatbread, an outdoor pizza oven is your friend. Most recipes written for traditional kitchen ovens can be adapted for a wood-fired oven, usually varying quantities to reflect the relative sizes of the ovens. Cooking times also typically shorten due to the significantly higher temperatures of pizza ovens compared to domestic ovens.

For those that prefer not to experiment, there are now plenty of web sites and online forums sharing recipes specifically for outdoor pizza ovens, as more and more people discover the delights of outdoor cooking.

And don’t forget one major advantage of the Grenadier outdoor pizza oven is its portability, As it is not installed as a permanent feature of your garden, it can be moved around. It could even go on holiday with you, perhaps to the beach.

Get cooking!!