For many people, mention the words “outdoor pizza oven” or “wood-fired pizza oven” and their thoughts will turn immediately to a large brick or clay construction dome shaped oven, looking rather out of place in the typical British garden.

And for many more, the quest for the perfect pizzas stumbles when they realise they need to be cooked in a wood-fired pizza oven, as domestic ovens cannot reach the high temperatures needed – 350 degrees C / 660 degrees F for that delicious crispy crust.

That was true for many years until the Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven was developed! Looking a little like a kettle barbeque, its unique ceramic construction is designed to retain heat, enabling it to attain and maintain that ideal high pizza-cooking temperature. Using either seasoned wood or charcoal, the pizza oven is ready to cook in just half an hour and gives 2 hours of cooking time before refuelling.

Outdoor Pizza Oven - collage

Outdoor Pizza Oven – Selection of images of oven in use

And it is portable, so can be easily transported from the garden to the beach, from the decking to the campsite.
Earlier this year, the South African cookery blog – took one of the Earthfire Pizza Ovens for an extended road trip to test its capabilities to deliver the perfect pizza.

The author, Fritz Brand’s impressions were summed up in one simple sentence:

“So to conclude, I do not like this oven, I absolutely LOVE it! It really has exceeded my expectations and I can recommend it to you with a clear conscience, buy one, you will dig it.”

Read the full Road Test story here.

With an Earthfire Ceramic Pizza Oven, you can now have an outdoor pizza oven at an affordable price without the challenges of a major construction project in the garden! This pizza oven is exclusively distributed in the UK  by Grenadier, manufacturers of the original Electric Firelighter.

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