As spring sunshine lures us out of our homes, and the cold April winds push us back inside, it is interesting to look at some of the outdoor living trends which you will see emerging in the garden centres and outdoor living specialists this summer.

Much of this information has come together in the run up to the industry’s annual tradeshow in Las Vegas.

One significant factor is the differing behaviour of the millennial generation, currently aged 18-35, compared to their baby boomer parents. The millennial generation now makes up about a quarter of the population.

Importantly millennials are much more likely to want to spend time outdoors. And they have the personal disposable income to spend on outdoor living products, with cooking and dining outdoors high on their list of priorities.

Unsurprisingly, barbecues are expected to maintain their leading position as No1 consumer choice for outdoor cooking, with a continuing migration away from charcoal to gas grills.

However there is expected to be increased interest in outdoor pizza ovens and fire pits as millennials, in particular, look to offer their guests a different outdoor dining experience such as stone-fired pizzas.

Overall, consumer desire for outdoor living is growing in strength, as healthy living and spending time outdoors has become trendy, and people look to improve and enhance their personal outdoor spaces..