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We’re heading towards the strength of the autumn season, with crisp evenings becoming the norm – and our new favourite. Whilst the world is becoming dark and damp, the perfect choice to add some light and spice is an open fire. Not only is it a seasonal essential to keep out chills, it sets the mood for a rich autumn and festive winter. It also adds a rustic tone no matter the quaintness or minimalism of any home!

One great concern of the autumn season is the extra money – and fuel – spent on heating, which is why many people have gone back to basics with the wood-burning stove. Wood is more renewable than gas and cleaner than coal, and most homes have an old hearth they can quickly convert back to use. Though some may worry about the safety of lighting their logs…With the Grenadier Electric Firelighter, this is concern is solved before it’s an issue. No need for kindling that can escape and endanger the home, or even to get your hands anywhere near the flame. Self-supporting on wrought iron, made of sturdy ceramic and not too short, it sits by the fire and sets that flame for you in no time.

Without the use of any chemical firestarters or chunks of newsprint thrown into your stove, it retains another principle benefit of wood-burning stoves: ease of cleaning. Simply store away your compact Grenadier Electric Firelighter, and brush away the minimal ashes – once you’ve enjoyed that residual warmth as you sit and chat with friends after dinner, or pry children away from the sparkling embers to bed. The wonder of the natural beauty of a wood-burning stove is equalled by that of the sleek and efficient electric firelighter, a match made in home-keeping heaven.

No matter the reason, these crisp little moments in front of the fire prove there’s more than the environmental reason why people are choosing wood and chic for their homes; the homey feeling and the warm experience outside and in is making the wood-burning stove as firm a favourite as the cool air it seeks to stave off. Setting your home up for one may be an overdue call as winter creeps closer! There’s no better feeling than chilling with family as you carefully roast with blankets, love, and a carefully flickering fire.

Make your dream downtime a reality with the Grenadier Electric Firelighter, a wood-burning stove’s best accessory, for only £129.95 and £10 delivery.