Are you frustrated with the time it takes to light your fire or wood burning stove? Even with chemical firelighters, plenty of paper and matches, your ‘cave man syndrome’ just doesn’t always guarantee a roaring flame. Thanks to the award-winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter, there’s now a cleaner, quicker and more efficient way to create a perfect roaring fire without wasting time and hassle with paper, matches, kindling or chemical firelighters.

First off, lay your fire bed, ensuring that the logs you are using are properly seasoned and fully dried out. Lay the logs on a thin bed of its own white ashes. When arranging your wood, always start with the smallest pieces first and then stack the larger pieces as the fire gets going. Remember that the key to a good fire is oxygen, so you need to stack and arrange your wood so that there are small gaps in between to allow the fire to breathe.

If you are lighting a wood burning stove, ensure your flue is open as this allows air to flow through the fireplace.

Next step is to light the fire. Using the adjustable stand, place the Grenadier in position with the nozzle just touching the base of the fuel. Turn the removeable red safety key and the built-in fan will direct concentrated heat, like bellows directly onto the fuel – enabling the fire to reach burning point quickly and easily.

If you have a wood burning stove that sits quite far from the ground, you can purchase an extra height stand from our Spares Department.

With this fool proof method of lighting your fire, you’ll be enjoying the sight and sound of a crackling fire within just 2-3 minutes, and without any dirty or smelly hands.