Early in October 2015, we launched the dramatically updated Grenadier website which you are now viewing.

But why did the team at Grenadier invest considerable time and effort in this project?

The answer is very simple – we wanted to improve significantly the experience for our website visitors and customers.

The new website is designed to be easy to use, irrespective of whether you are viewing it on a pc, a tablet device like an iPad, a smartphone or even your new internet-enabled flat screen TV. The site detects the size of the screen being used and automatically adjusts the layout of the content to fit. In technical terms, it is called a ‘responsive website’.

Each individual product page now has the capability of collecting and displaying product reviews submitted by our customers to help guide your decision making. And, of course, you are only a click away from sharing that product data through social media.

Then when you decide to purchase a product, we have added the option to register with the site to enable you to track the status of your order, and later submit those important product reviews.

And of course, the site is also easier to read, easier to navigate and has lots more images!!!

So please explore our new site and do tell us what you think.

What do you like? …….and what have we missed?