Everyone loves the crackle of a cosy fire. The warmth and atmosphere it gives can transform any room. Whether you’ve got a wood burning stove or an open fire, you’ll undoubtedly have your own surefire way (excuse the pun!) of getting your fire going. But if you’re fed up with chopping kindling, burning down several matches and scrunching up newspaper, then you’ll love the Grenadier Firelighter.

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Here are four reasons why it has proved so popular and beats some of the more traditional fire lighting methods:

One of the advantages of using the Grenadier Firelighter is that it doesn’t cause any mess. Simply plug in, position the nozzle and switch on. You won’t have to dispose of burnt out matches, or having to save yesterday’s newspaper to light your fire, nor will you have to clean that horrible chemical firelighter smell from your hands.

It’s versatile too and can even be used to light barbecues. One of the major advantages is that it produces clean heat without any odour – and unlike liquid or chemical lighters, no chemical flavour is transferred to the food and the barbecue is ready to cook much quicker.

More efficient
The Grenadier’s built-in fan directs concentrated heat so that the fuel reaches burning point quicker – improving the efficiency of the fire and making it more environmentally friendly too.

Lighting your fire with the Grenadier Firelighter is far quicker than using matches, kindling, newspaper or chemical firelighters.  In fact, it’s guaranteed to light any solid fuel fire, including wood, coal and smokeless fuel within minutes.

The Grenadier Firelighter is so simple and efficient to use, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one!

Visit https://grenadier.co.uk/product/grenadier-electric-firelighter to find out more or make a purchase.