Lighting a coal fire can be quick and easy with no mess or fuss using an Electric Fire Lighter from Grenadier. Your solid fuel fire, whether its wood, coal, smokeless fuel or peat, will be ablaze within minutes.

The Grenadier Firelighter ignites solid fuels using concentrated super-heated air rather than a flame. And this is directed onto the fuel by its built-in fan. 

Simple Preparation

There is no need for newspaper, kindling or smelly chemical fire lighters. Just riddle the grate to clear the ashes, and then place the fuel – coal, logs etc directly on to the grate or fire bed, smaller pieces will assist combustion. Nothing more is needed.

Lighting your fire

Place your electric fire lighter adjacent to the fire and point the nozzle to just touch the bottom of the fuel. The Grenadier’s stable stand can easily be adjusted to alter the height and tilt of the nozzle as necessary. A taller stand is available if you have a significantly raised fuel bed.

Once in position, the fire lighter can be plugged in to a convenient mains power supply and the fan will start blowing.

The Grenadier heating element is then switched on using the removable red security key; without this key, the heating element is disabled.

The Grenadier will produce a stream of super-heated air directed at the fuel. After just a few minutes, the fire will burst in to life.

Actual ignition times do vary depending upon the type and dampness of the fuel being used. Dry, seasoned wood, for example, lights much faster than hard coke. A coal fire typically takes about two minutes to light.

Once a reasonable area of fuel is alight, the Grenadier should be withdrawn slightly, so that the nozzle is clear of the fuel. The heating element should be turned off using the red key and the fan left running, blowing air into the fire, so acting like bellows to spread the fire throughout the fuel bed. This also cools the element and nozzle ready for storing.

After it has run for a few more minutes to enable the fire to really get established, the Grenadier fire lighter should be unplugged and stored away.


We recommend that the Grenadier is not left in front of a lit fire when it is not in use. It should be unplugged and the red safety key removed to disable it.

The Grenadier Firelighter has an all-metal construction to protect the product if it is accidentally left in front of a lit fire, and carries the ‘BEAB Approved’ European Safety Mark.

For your safety, we recommend the Grenadier Firelighter is not left unattended when it is running, and that children should not use the Grenadier Firelighter.

Full instructions for the safe operation of a Grenadier Firelighter is included with every appliance.