At Grenadier, we thought our Earthfire Ceramic outdoor pizza oven was a culinary trendsetter with its convenience and portability far surpassing traditional brick ovens. However recently at a local country show, we discovered perhaps the ultimate when it comes to outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens with lots of built-in fire safety features!


A 1958 Crommer Karrier Fire Engine, powered by a 4.5l Rolls Royce engine has been carefully restored with all its original features. Then a wood-fired pizza over was installed within it and adaptions made to the vehicle to enable the owners to produce a range of artisan pizzas.


The Wood Fired Pizza Engine is making regular appearances at events and Food Festivals across North West England, and is available for parties.

Of course, for those families with more modest requirements looking to create delicious pizzas with the superb taste and texture only available from ‘wood-fired’ pizza ovens, then Grenadier’s ceramic outdoor pizza oven is probably what you are looking for!!