Firepits are becoming an increasingly common part of the British summer, taking their place alongside barbeques and chimneas. so here are a few facts about fire pits…

1.A fire pit is designed to contain an open fire and prevent it from spreading. Fire pits vary from just a hole dug in the ground to significant pre-made assemblies, typically of metal.

2. Many cultures would cut the turf above the fire-pit in a special ceremony. The turf would be replaced later to hide any evidence of the fire.

3. Archaeologists have used radiocarbon dating of charcoal found in old fire pits to date past cultures and civilizations.

4. The thermal shock proof ceramic body of the Grenadier Fire Pit stores heat similar to hot rocks, providing warmth even after the fire has finally burnt out.

5. A well-designed fire pit with closed ash container can be safely used on decking, without scorching

6. By contrast, a fire ring is designed to contain a fire that is built directly upon the ground, such as a campfire. Fire rings have no bottom, and are simply circles made of forged metal, stones, concrete, etc. which surround and contain the fire. They definitely cannot be used on decking!