Everyone has their own ‘cave man’ way of lighting a fire, be it with paper, matches, kindling or chemical firelighters – or a combination of all of these! Most fire owners get highly proficient lighting their own fires, but the time and effort it takes can often be an undeniably frustrating experience.


A more efficient way of lighting a fire
The Grenadier Electric Firelighter provides a far more efficient and cleaner way to light a fire without the need to use any of the traditional firelighting methods. It directs powerful, concentrated heat directly onto the fire bed and is guaranteed to light all solid fuels including wood, coal and smokeless fuel within minutes.

Hints for preparing your fire bed for logs
Simply arrange 2 or 3 logs in one direction on the grate with 2 or 3 logs on top at right angles. Then position the nozzle of the Grenadier at the base of the fuel. Plug in and turn on the heat with the safety key.  At less than 1p per fire it’s far more cost effective than using kindling or chemical firelighters.

Getting the flames roaring
If you have a wood burning stove, open all the air vents to ensure a good supply of oxygen to the flames. Once the fire is roaring, you can add small logs to maintain a healthy flame, but be careful not to overload the fire bed at this stage while the fire is still getting going and leave gaps to ensure you don’t smother the air supply to the burning wood.

Some would argue that there’s nothing wrong with lighting a fire using traditional methods – well that’s true! But if you want to make life easier for yourself and don’t want that nasty chemical smell on your hands, then the Grenadier Firelighter is the ideal and best solution.

Priced at just £124.95, the Grenadier Firelighter comes with an adjustable stand to adapt to the height of your hearth or wood burning stove.