With the Grenadier there’s simply no need to waste time, money and effort with matches, newspaper, chemical firelighters and kindling. These traditional firelighting methods are often time-consuming, messy and are not the best way to get heat and flames from your fire quickly.

The Grenadier Firelighter turbo charges your fire by enabling the fuel to reach burning point quicker, and therefore improving your fire’s efficiency without any mess or fuss.

Grenadier In Flame

How does it work?

Begin by positioning the nozzle of the Grenadier directly in front of the fuel, just above the base of the fire bed, and switch on the Grenadier using the removable safety key. The heat it produces acts as bellows to spread the fire through the fire bed at a fast rate, so that it reaches optimum temperature quicker.

Traditional firelighting methods such as matches, paper or chemical firelighters cause the fire to ‘slumber’ before it eventually reaches peak temperature. Whereas, the instantaneous heat from the Grenadier Firelighter means that the fire reaches peak efficiency much faster so that you get heat and roaring flames within just a couple of minutes.

Use seasoned wood

Another way to improve the efficiency of your fire is by burning the right kind of firewood.  The wood should be seasoned and thoroughly dried in a sunny, well aired space for one or two summers, keeping rain off in the winter. This allows the moisture to dissipate and make the logs ideal for burning efficiently.

Burning seasoned hardwood creates the most energy efficient fire that generates a greater amount of heat and burns for a longer period of time.


So remember, if you want the most efficiency from you fire so that you can enjoy the warmth and flames, light your fire with the Grenadier.