Autumn is definitely on its way and so are the darker evenings. And this can only mean one thing: time to light your fire. To help you get maximum enjoyment from your wood burning stove or open fire, we’ve identified five fireside accessories that will help you battle this year’s British winter:



1. The Grenadier Electric Firelighter 

If you ever struggle to get a decent fire going, or are fed up using endless chemical firelighters, paper and kindling then you’ll love the Grenadier Firelighter. It’s guaranteed to get any solid fuel fire going fast and will light coal in just 2 minutes with no mess or fuss.

It comes with a versatile stand which is easily adjustable to the correct height and angle for most fires.

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Priced at just: £124.95, the Grenadier Firelighter can be purchased online: 

2. A companion set

Traditionally a companion set consists of a poker, brush, shovel and a pair of tongs; these fire tools allow you to operate your fireplace or stove safely and efficiently.

3. Moisture Metre

A moisture meter is the perfect fireside tool if you want to maximise the potential of your wood burning stove. It allows you to check the moisture content of the wood. Ideally, the moisture content of your logs need to be under 20% to burn most effectively, and a moisture metre tells you whether your logs are at the best temperature to go on the fire, or whether they need more time to dry out.

4. Log Basket

Log baskets are great for storing firewood, as well as helping you transport your logs from an outside log store with ease. Placed next to a fireplace, log baskets are a practical accessory for any glowing fire.

5. Carbon monoxide detector

Without a carbon monoxide detector, it will be impossible for you to check whether your fire is releasing any hazardous poisonous gases, so installing one at a small expense could even help to save a life! They trigger an alarm when they sense a certain amount of carbon monoxide in the air. Place them in the same room as your open fire or log burner, to achieve all the protection you need.