While its outward appearance has hardly changed since then, its construction and the components used have evolved to keep pace with changing safety legislation and consumer habits.

Consumer safety has always been designed in to the Grenadier Firelighter, for example:

  • All-metal construction to protect the product when accidentally left beside a lit fire
  • Removable red safety key to prevent accidental operation perhaps by a small child.

These and many other factors are why it carries the ‘BEAB Approved‘. This is a European Safety Mark  that demonstrates an independent third-party has verified its safety.


It therefore provides reassurance to consumers, retailers, distributors and port authorities that a product has achieved the highest levels of safety.

The Mark indicates that the product has been manufactured in an inspected factory, using accepted methods and that the product has been tested and assessed by Intertek. Products bearing the mark are also randomly checked by Intertek on an annual basis.

The unsurpassed safety record of Grenadier Electric Firelighters is one of the many reasons they are accepted and widely used in commercial premises such as pubs and hotels, as well as in domestic homes, both large and small.

The safe, robust design means many Grenadier Electric Firelighters are still in regular use decades after they were originally manufactured. Is yours one of those?