Last December, Mr. Katz a satisfied Grenadier firelighter customer posted this review on Amazon UK (

“This thing is the dogs. Its design is essentially unchanged in the last 40 (at least) years, but that’s no bad thing – the one my grandparents had was great, and so is the one I’ve just bought.”

“It’s very solidly made, from steel, mainly, and there’s no reason it shouldn’t last for many, many years. There tip at the end of the tube where the hot air comes out is especially thick, and it’s designed to be removable and replaceable when it’s shrunk from 5 inches long to around 2 inches. I would imagine that in average use, it takes about 10 years for the tip to burn down this far. I can’t think of many appliances which are designed with spare parts that are likely to last this long!”

“If you haven’t used one before, it’s simplicity itself. It’s also important to realise that the flow of the air is (by design) a lot less than a hairdryer, for example. This means that if you are relighting a fire on a bed of cold ash, the ash won’t get blown everywhere.”

“If you want to make fire maintenance as easy as possible, get a fireplace vacuum as well. These two items make running an open fire a breeze.”

At Grenadier, we thought it would be helpful to look behind some of the points Mr Katz raised:

“unchanged in the last 40 years” – Not quite! The product’s design actually dates back more than 50 years. And although its outward appearance is largely unchanged, we have updated components and its construction to kept ahead of changing safety legislation.

“solidly made from steel” – Our electric firelighter is designed to be used for decades in close proximity to an open fire, and the careful selection of construction materials reflects this. Consumer safety starts with product design.

“designed with spare parts” – Grenadier Electric Firelighters are designed to be repaired by a qualified electrician. Spares are available for every part of a Grenadier, and are just a phone call away in the UK. We don’t believe in built-in obsolescence or long waits for parts from the Far East!

“simplicity itself” – It is a product designed to do one job (lighting fires) exceedingly well. That is why its design hasn’t needed to change and why the Grenadier Firelighter has no equal in the fireplace!

Thank you, Mr Katz.