Visit anyone who has an open fire or woodburner in their living room, and you’ll be sure to find a small collection of large metal objects on the hearth or close by.

Often called a companion set or hearth set or just plain fire tools, there are usually at least four essential implements to help the person tending the fire.

  • Fire tongs to help you place fuel onto the fire.
  • A small brush to enable small ash spills to be easily tidied. Perhaps using the …
  • Small shovel, which is also useful when cleaning out the ashes.
  • And of course, a poker. This is the favourite tool for anyone tending a fire. It allows them to prod, poke, lift and exert their control over the fire. Pokers are often the cause of family arguments over who has the ‘right’ to wield it!

But taking a closer look at the tools within that companion set can reveal a lot more.

Are they bright and shiny, or dusty and scratched through regular use? Are they tucked away on their stand or positioned for use within easy reach? Are the decorative or workman-like?

If they show signs of being in regular use, then it is likely that there will be other fireplace accessories close to the hearth?

You’ll probably find a source of additional fuel such as a log basket or coal bucket, and a fire screen to provide a level of security when the lit fire is left unattended?

And a means to light the fire, which is often old newspapers, chemical firelighters and matches. However many homes which regularly use open fires or woodburners in recent years have discoved the benefits of using an electric firelighter for fast, efficient, hassle-free lighting.

And with their metal bodies, Grenadier Electric firelighters are designed for safety, to live close to fires and are ‘BEAB Approved’.

What better partner for a well-used companion set!!