Autumn has started her arrival, bringing with her shorter days and longer evenings. Leaves fall from trees creating blankets of dazzling red and gold, and temperatures begin to drop drastically. The days subside far too quickly, and evening descends darkly on homes all over the UK. A woodburning stove is the perfect addition to any household; it will ensure you keep cosy and comfortable from abundant autumn into windswept winter.

Over recent years the popularity of the wood-burning stoves have increased significantly as people become more aware of their efficiency. Their use of renewable resources is an attractive alternative to gas and electric and supports environmental concerns. Despite being first invented hundreds of years ago, they have continued to evolve significantly and are now a practical and stylish option for many. They also provide a focal point of any home creating a warm ambience on even the chilliest of nights! Additionally, the Grenadier Electric Firelighter lights the fire without fuss and means that you can swiftly achieve the effect you desire without the use of chemical firelighters or kindling.

Remarkably, even after the actual fire has subsided, the warmth from the fine ash remains, and it continues to radiate in the room like a welcome guest. Wood-burning stoves require minimal cleaning also which is a must for most in this busy, modern world. Standing on handmade wrought iron stands and made from a unique ceramic which does not crack or rust with use, your family and friends will want to know where you sourced yours.

Whether it is a relaxing night in front of the fire with your loved one, a special family gathering or a frolic with friends, the wood-burning stove will provide the perfect backdrop to all occasions. It truly is an experience to savour and undoubtably the finest purchase to date, once you allow the dazzling, smouldering flames to engulf your autumn blues and ignite your inner winter. Autumn’s arrival shouldn’t be an issue anymore, instead you will be more than prepared for her, blankets on knees and the fire softly roaring.

Priced at only £129.95 with £10 delivery, you can add a Grenadier Electric Firelighter to your home in no time. Click here to order yours today and cozy up to the fire in no time.