Are you considering buying the award-winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter? Perhaps you have owned a Grenadier for a while and are looking to buy replacement parts. This article tells you all you need to know about maintaining your Grenadier, where to buy replacement parts and why it’s first class manufacturing means you shouldn’t even need to get it serviced.

One of the benefits of purchasing the Grenadier is that all parts are fully replaceable, and any repairs can be carried out quickly using no special tools (repairs should be carried out by a competent person).

How long will my Grenadier last? 

The Grenadier Electric Firelighter is manufactured in the UK to the highest standards including BEAB and HETAS Approval so that is can be used safely for many years to come. In fact, we still hear of customers who use their 60-year old model (originally manufactured by Creda – The Domestic Appliance Manufacturer).

Can I buy replacement parts?

Yes, all spares are available to order online.  Although every part is designed to last, over time you may find that certain parts need to be replaced.  The most common being the metal nozzle. Over time the length of the nozzle may reduce with the heat. If it gets to less than 50mm (2”) in length it should be replaced, you can order a new one online here and fit it yourself.

All other spares such as keys fans and elements are also readily available to order online.

My Grenadier has stopped working, can I get it repaired? 

Yes absolutely, our FAQ’s page can be useful here. But in the unlikely event that your Grenadier has stopped working and you cannot get it repaired locally (a local electrician can be useful!) then you can send it back to the factory in Chester for a full repair. We recommend calling us on 01829 741649 as we can usually diagnose the fault over the phone and it may just need a replacement part rather than a repair. For example, if your Grenadier is blowing out cold air when the key is switched on and the red light is on then it just needs a new element which can be ordered from our Spares Department.

Does my Grenadier need servicing? 

The simple answer is no. As long as you replace any parts that wear out over time then it should continue to work efficiently for as long as you need it.

To order any spare parts for your Grenadier visit the Spares page on our website or call 01829 741649 if you need help and advice.