There are countless ways of lighting a solid fuel fire or stove as we have explored previously in blog posts.

It is therefore not surprising that the topic is debated regularly on diverse internet discussions groups, particularly as the winter approaches.

Many people still enjoy the traditional age-old lighting methods using matches, paper, kindling etc, but increasingly more and more are valuing the speed and convenience of an electric firelighter.

It was therefore particularly nice to read the following comments about the Grenadier Electric Firelighter within a broader discussion on the ‘best electric firelighter’ on the Navitron Forum:

well I bought the Grenadier in the end and very nice it is too. I had previously borrowed one that a friend has had for probably over 40 years. the design hasn’t really changed its all metal with a hard plastic handle, that seems to be heat resistant. one of the things that worried me with a 7 year old was if he started playing with it, but unlike the phoenix this has a key which we can put out of reach. the phoenix has a plastic casing which combined with the fact its made in China swayed me towards the Grenadier. its great no more wife winging about firelighters and as our wood is still slightly damp even after a summer of drying, we only need about half the kindling. it will take some years to recoup but the reduction in hassle, as I work evenings sometimes so cant supervise the stove, is well worth it.

Click here to read the full electric firelighter forum thread. The Navitron forum covers a wide range of topics connected with renewable energy and sustainability.

And just one minor point of clarification, the handle of a Grenadier is not formed from plastic, but made from a phenolic resin, similar to Bakelite, which is heat resistant and does not melt.