Autumn has officially arrived, and it will soon be time to dig out our chunky scarfs and winter boots. If you can’t quite face the thought of racking up the central heating just yet, then why not cosy up in front of your open fire or wood burning stove to fend off the autumn chills.

Autumn Fireplace

Lighting a fire needn’t take a lot of effort or time, especially once you have discovered the award-winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter.

Are you fed up with:

  • Using an excessive number of matches, paper and kindling to get your fire lit?
  • Damp kindling?
  • Smelly hands after handling toxic chemical firelighters?
  • Hoarding bundles of old newspaper?
  • Being frustrated with the time it takes to light your fire?

Then the Grenadier Electric Firelighter is just what you need! Guaranteed to light any solid fuel fire, open fires and log burners within minutes, this revolutionary device will get your fire going quickly and performing efficiently.

The Grenadier Firelighter is also a whizz at pre-heating your flue to ensure that air is cycling properly in your chimney system. If you haven’t used your fire for a few months, your chimney may be full of cold air, causing smoke to escape into your home, rather than up the chimney. By warming up the flue first, you will push the heavy cold air out so that the smoke escapes in the right direction.

To light your fire without any fuss this autumn simply:

  • Place the Grenadier on the hearth with the cast iron nozzle just touching the base of the fuel
  • Turn on the Grenadier using the removable safety key
  • The Grenadier will produce a stream of super-heated air from its built-in fan
  • After just a couple of minutes, the fire will burst in to life.

So make the most of these chillier evenings and light your open fire or wood burning stove without any hassle with this award-winning Grenadier Electric Firelighter. Once you’ve used it, you will wonder how you ever got on without it!