Grenadier+earth+fire+pizza+oven+on+bench Slinky Studio

They tested the product thoroughly by cooking and eating lots of pizzas, and the resulting review is full of praise for the Grenadier Pizza Oven :

“On the Grenadier Earthfire Pizza Oven, when operating at full temperature, it takes just 2-3 minutes to cook a large pizza! What’s more, the tongue is treated to sensual aromas if cooking with wood; with different varieties of woods enthusing the flavour notes of pizzas in remarkably different ways.”

“Our experimenting, or rather excuse to eat a lot of pizza, has shown us that the Grenadier Earthfire Pizza Oven is a design that has worked tremendously well throughout our outdoor usage.”

“It instills the right amalgamation of characteristics for delicious flavour-rich pizza and is a product that isn’t restricted to just your garden, as thanks to the handles and squat design it can be loaded into the car for trips to the beach or friends/family homes too.”

At the time of writing this post, we have a very limited number of Grenadier Pizza Ovens available at the significantly discounted price of £199, rather than the usual £249. Why not buy one now, before they are all gone? Give us a call!