From plastic in our oceans to pollution in the skies, it seems that placing additional strain on the environment is at the forefront of everything we do in the modern age. Thinking about these issues can soon become overwhelming, especially when you’re cosied up next to the fire on a cold winter’s night; it’s the last thing you want to worry about.

If you’re one of the many people who have taken heating their homes into their own hands, you’re probably up to date on renewable options. But one element we don’t often think about is that of firelighters. Whether you’re using matches, liquid or chemical fire lighters, they’re often unreliable and not always cost-effective. Not to mention the unsavoury chemicals used in some firelighters. In addition, they generally come with excess, often unrecyclable packaging. This can soon build up when you’re lighting a fire daily during the winter months.

That’s where the Grenadier Electric Firelighter comes in. Not only is it a more environmentally friendly choice, but it is far more reliable than other methods. This handy must-have solution reaches peak efficiency in the shortest possible time. There’s no need for paper matches or kindling, saving you time when preparing your fire. Guaranteed to light any solid fuel fire within minutes. It’s the most effective and efficient method when lighting your fire. Plus, it’s made from fully recyclable materials.

The environmentally friendly firelighter that works for you.

This hassle-free alternative to traditional fire lighters uses a powerful concentrated heat directed onto the fuel by a fan. It produces a clean heat with no odours, unlike many environmentally unfriendly liquid or chemical firelighters. The built-in fan helps to cool down the unit at the same time as fanning the fire like traditional bellows. Compact and easy to store, it’s perfect for any domestic or commercial setting.

Say goodbye to single-use fire lighters.

Matches, liquid and chemical fire lighters are all single-use solutions, but with the Grenadier Electric Firelighter, throwing things away becomes a thing of the past. This reliable, BEAB Approved fire lighter is dependable time and time again. It turns the job of lighting your fire from an activity that can involve the use of unnecessary chemicals in your home into something as easy as turning a key.

It’s never been simpler to do your bit for the environment from the comfort of your own home. With this quick and effective fire lighting method, you can settle down next to the fire, put your feet up and know you’ve made the right choice for the environment.


Priced at only £129.95 with £10 delivery, its worth it’s weight in unnecessary matchsticks and harmful chemical firelighters you’ll never need to use again! Online orders received before 3pm (Monday-Friday) are dispatched that same day via 24-hour next working day service (UK only). Order yours today!>>