Woodburning stoves are great for keeping your home warm and cosy throughout the winter, but they also need to be well maintained in order to operate at optimum efficiency. A clean woodburning stove will burn more efficiently and will be safer to operate, so here are 5 tips to help you keep it in top working order:

Wood Burner

Firstly, let your stove cool completely before cleaning. You should never clean a hot wood stove.

1. Empty the ash pan

If you’re using your woodburner every day throughout the winter, you’ll need to empty the ash pan every couple of days so that it doesn’t block the flow of air to the grate.


2. Clean the inside of the stove

You may also find some debris inside the stove which can be removed with a metal dustpan and brush.  However, it’s always good to leave a thin layer of ash on the grate from which to burn the wood on, but don’t allow it to build up too much.

Finally, remove any excess ash or debris from the seal of the door using a soft brush.


3. Clean the glass regularly

Maintaining the glass on your wood burner can keep it looking newer for longer and allows you to get full view of its beautiful roaring flames. Use newspaper and ash (yes really!) to clean the glass, applying a bit of elbow grease to remove those tar deposits that build up in the corners.


4. Sweep the chimney

Clogged flues and chimneys can decrease the draw of your flue system and can cause chimney fires so we recommend you get the chimney swept at least once a year.

This is best done in the Spring so that it’s clean and safe for when you re-light your appliance in the colder months.


5. Maintain and replace damaged door seals

Over time, the door seal may come lose and need replacing. Door seals vary in thickness depending on the model and manufacturer of the stove, so it’s best to check with the stove supplier to find out what size is best for your particular model.  Damaged or worn door seals can cause air gaps which will prevent your woodburner from operating at full efficiency.

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