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About Us

Grenadier Firelighters is a family business that has been supplying high quality, mainly fire related products to a discerning audience since 1989.

We take great pride in the unusual, yet practical nature of our products and the standard of service provided. As the manufacturer of the Grenadier Electric Firelighter we provide full service and spares support. Although, such is the quality of the Grenadier, we regularly hear of customers who still use their 60 year old model (Originally manufactured by Creda - The Domestic Appliance Manufacturer).

Grenadier Firelighters is mainly an online business but customers are very welcome to visit and can then purchase products without incurring delivery charge.

Grenadier Firelighters Limited Registered Office: Unit 3C,Barrowmore Enterprise Estate,Village Road,Great Barrow,Chester,CH3 7JS.Registered in England. Company Registration No: 2343444. VAT No: 539 5315 29

"The easiest way to light a barbecue is to use a Grenadier Electric Firelighter. I have one of these for lighting barbecues, or for getting a nice fire going at home in the winter. These bits of kit are great because you don't have to find dry wood or kindling or scrunch up bits of paper to get the fire started. But most important of all, there is absolutely no need to use any chemical firelighters or liquid fuels. It will even light wet wood and coals in just a few minutes! Please don't use those little firelighter blocks you can buy in bags - they give off really dreadful fumes that will end up flavouring your food. Horrible."

Jamie Oliver Chef, Restaurateur, Author, TV Presenter

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