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13:11 PM
12th Dec 2020

Steve Hunt

Amazingly good piece of kit. We have a problem flue that the experts have failed to fix, but the grenadier warmed up the flue and we had a roaring fire within minutes, and no smoke in the room.
A well built piece of kit, I'd recommend it to anyone 100%.

02:11 AM
04th Dec 2020

Edwin McAuley

At last! A product which truly not only matches the expectations but exceeds them! Works perfectly just as described, even with "problem" flues. Truly built to last with sheet steel and proper screws, no wonder you suggest 20 years life as normal. If only Dyson built things this way! On-line sales service and delivery (to southern Spain) very efficient and painless.

15:34 PM
18th Nov 2020

Sean C

I have owned my Grenadier fire starter for around 10 years now and can honestly say its one of the best items I have ever purchased. It goes on every night for around 6 months of the year and it is just fantastic. Having lost the key, don't ask me how, I've put it in the same place for 10 years, one day vanished, turn the house upside down no avail so order one form you. Again just fantastic service received in 24hrs. Stunning service. Not only is your product about as close to perfection as it gets but your customer service matches it too.


Sean C

17:07 PM
16th Nov 2020


Saw this in a friend's house and was so impressed ordered same day. A must purchase for anyone with open fire/wood burning stove.

14:26 PM
11th Nov 2020


Bought my first fire lighter in 1992, and now have just purchased a second for a new fire place. Excellent machine well made and great value.

13:19 PM
09th Nov 2020

Julie Williams

Really, really pleased with our Grenadier.
It lights the fire quickly and cleanly.
No longer have to find newspaper, kindling and buy firefighters.
The grenadier just sets light directly to the logs.
Will save us money in the long term.
Looking forward to using it next summer for the bbq and fire pit.

14:33 PM
02nd Nov 2020


Loving the Grenadier phenomenon. As the name suggests the product is handsome, uncomplicated, highly efficient and highly effective. It takes the hassle out of lighting a fire. Point, plug in and you're away. As simple as switching on a fan heater or radiator really. The customer service in terms of ease of ordering and delivery was as excellent as the product. Thank you!

13:21 PM
27th Oct 2020


Excellent and speedy service, and packaging. This company is clearly so well run and efficient. The product is also amazing so far.

11:49 AM
26th Oct 2020

Retired gardener29

Easy to use,just turn the key,no paper or firelighters

12:24 PM
21st Oct 2020

Derek Ainsworth

Very efficient quick delivery and the Grenadier - works exactly as portrayed.
Quick and easy.

07:39 AM
18th Oct 2020

Colin Templeton

A fantastic product!! This is my second machine I use for my stove with the higher stand. Brilliant if you let the fire go out you can restart using this device. No more fire lighters.

11:00 AM
14th Oct 2020

Dr L

Superb product - lights Homefire Ovals from stone cold in a couple of minutes Superb spare part supply - delivered next day and extremely well packaged Superb company to deal with. Thank you, and please use this if helpful. Dr L

10:41 AM
03rd Oct 2020


Absolute game changer!
We live in France with no central heating We got this for Christmas and now with no kindling or fire starters we hsve a roaring fire in minutes. When it stopped working properly I called the team up and they were lovely and helpful and sorted it right there and then on the phone. Reccomend this to everyone!

22:15 PM
02nd Oct 2020

Chris Boyle

Fantastic gadget, caught my attention watching beyond the lobby at The Torridon hotel. No more smoking chimneys and no more wasted time, love it

19:28 PM
27th Sep 2020

Paul Arnell

Absolutely fabulous bit of kit. It makes lighting the fire so easy. It’s a must for wood burning fires or stoves

07:45 AM
19th Aug 2020

Claire Thorp

Speedy delivery, excellent product - very pleased

16:13 PM
18th Aug 2020


Brilliant bit of kit. Use it to light my solid fuel Aga and heating stove. How nice to find something made in the UK that you can get spares for.

06:36 AM
05th Aug 2020


Fast delivery, easy product to set up and works perfectly.

16:58 PM
28th May 2020

peter j muir

I have used grenadiers for years - they are magic in every way.

21:46 PM
14th Apr 2020

Jeff Coombs

Excellent product which saves so much time and effort.

21:56 PM
10th Apr 2020

Denise McConaghy

I love this fire lighter and would never return to messing about with firelighters and sticks again .

16:30 PM
10th Apr 2020


Have had a fire lighter for 30 years and I have had only to replace the nozzel from time to time. A great product

10:46 AM
10th Apr 2020

David Goss

Great service, quality spares.

22:43 PM
09th Apr 2020


It has transformed fire lighting for me. The reason for purchase was a marked deterioration in the quality of the coal, such a struggle to light. This has efficiently solved my problem, perhaps the higher stand would have been useful, but I am managing.

21:02 PM
09th Apr 2020

James Hobbs

After spending many frustrating weeks using firefighters I decided to purchase a grenadier.

Although not inexpensive, as a long term purchase this device has proven invaluable. Would thoroughly recommend to anybody with a log or coal fire.

20:35 PM
09th Apr 2020

Jeremy Bloxwich

We have been using a Grenadier for many years now and successfully replaced a couple of elements during its lifetime. It has been a real friend and lighting our 3 fires has been a relatively clean and simple process. We would not be without this great little machine.

11:44 AM
03rd Apr 2020


Well it certainly works!!
I’ve recently moved into a very ancient property with enormous fire places and was really struggling to build enough heat to get a decent fire going…. the combination of fire starting with the 'electric bellows’ once lit, is superb. I had my first proper fire on the very first day of ownership.
Definitely a gadget that I shall continue using - and one I will recommend.

12:48 PM
22nd Mar 2020

Barbara Anderson

I bought my Grenadier on 2nd December 2002 and it is still going strong! I would not be without it - it is wonderful!

14:06 PM
15th Feb 2020

Mrs E North Yorkshire

After years of lighting fires and wood stoves, I’d become frustrated recently with modern fire lighters going out. An old friend told me to get a Grenadier. Now the huge dog-grate fire roars away in moments, the wood burning stove ‘takes off’ in a jiffy. Worth every penny. Support British industry and get one!

13:22 PM
23rd Jan 2020

david hill

Bloody marvellous !!!!!!

12:15 PM
23rd Jan 2020

Jane loveless

Excellent product. Bought as a present for my husband to save him all the extra effort of starting our wood burner. He is delighted with it!

10:13 AM
23rd Jan 2020


Fab present for those who want to move away from firelighters and a really efficient and clean way to start a lovely fire!

16:49 PM
02nd Jan 2020

Barbara Ryan

I brought this in December, as not able to get the multi fuel stove to work with coke/smokeless fuel at all. It is wonderful, I am able to sit down every evening to a lovely warm fire, no mess worries or bother. It is much quiter than I expected, and really effective, so pleased I found this product.

20:03 PM
04th Dec 2019


If you ever light a fire you need this, saves time and money. Just bought a new one the old one lasted 25 years, we have a fire every day in the winter so that’s a lot of fires! Would never be without one so quick no faffing with firelighters or kindling.

18:49 PM
04th Dec 2019

Julia preston

Great product. My son is going to treat himself for Christmas.

16:02 PM
04th Dec 2019

Val Parson

So good I bought one for my son for Christmas

12:21 PM
04th Dec 2019


Superb product. Does exactly as it advertises. No negative points at all. Excellent service and fast delivery.

10:38 AM
04th Dec 2019


We have had one of these before, about 10 years ago, which lasted very well. The ordering was so easy and it arrived in very quick time. We are very pleased. Also it was cheaper than buying it through Amazon!

10:06 AM
04th Dec 2019


Excellent product have had one for 20 years and still going strong. The new one is for our daughter.

17:08 PM
27th Nov 2019

Adrian Clarkson

Had our Grenadier firelighter for around 25 years now. Not had to replace any parts in that time. Takes away all uncertainty and faff around lighting all the smokeless fuels I've used in that time! Very useful in the BBQ season as well. Highly recommended bit of kit - I've certainly had value for money.

16:22 PM
22nd Nov 2019

Mike Cowan

We've had one now for about 5 years and why we didn't get one before G.O.K.!
Wouldn't be without it.

08:56 AM
29th Oct 2019

Lee Hughes

Hello just to say that your product is really fantastic I have had one in my pub (with four fires) used for the entirety of the cold season for over four years and it has been an absolute trooper and has worked flawlessly even after being left on all day accidentally. That is all I just wanted to let you know what a durable and utterly fantastic product you have made. And thankyou xxx

14:46 PM
25th Apr 2019


Absolutely fantastic service and could not be more pleased with the product! Roll on winter..!!

14:59 PM
27th Mar 2019


Glad I bought this, works a treat, especially with anthracite which can be difficult to light.
Nearly bought a cheaper made in China one, luckily I read the reviews of these poorly made lighters, which when they breakdown you have to throw them away.
Grenadier is worth the money,repairable as well, as all parts can be sourced.

12:23 PM
27th Mar 2019

Sophie Ratcliffe

We could not live without our Grenadier! It is the most brilliant piece of kit - we use it for our log fires and our bbq and it is invaluable. We have just decided to treat ourselves to a new one having replaced various part of our extremely ancient one over the years (it was the Grenadier firelighter equivalent of Trigger's broom!) and whilst it was still going we felt it deserved a semi-retirement. That is the other wonderful thing about these firelighters - every part is replaceable which is miracle in the modern age. Thank you Grenadier.

11:51 AM
27th Mar 2019

Roger Thorpe

A nice easy device to use which does exactly what I expected

14:47 PM
15th Mar 2019


Fantastic product, bought this for my parents and they use it every time they have a fire.

03:42 AM
23rd Feb 2019

Mario Merlo

Great product, great service

18:12 PM
22nd Feb 2019

James forsythe

First class service next day delivery great product

16:31 PM
22nd Feb 2019

Kathy Edge

I come from a family of coal merchants we have always used the Grenadier firelighter, and couldn't be without one now. Would highly recommend it, they are so easy to use.

13:23 PM
22nd Feb 2019

Emma Cowin

I thought to order this ingenious appliance before a possible hard Brexit. ☹️ as a UK national living in France for many years. I’ve never seen anything equivalent in France.

Excellent service & delivery.
I mistakenly ordered a UK plug. Grenadier called me the next day to check I hadn’t made a mistake.

Was delivered within 3 days.

Highly recommended.

10:14 AM
13th Feb 2019

Janet Veness

The firelighter is just amazing.I saw this at my Sisters and thought how easy it was to use.I was tired of using the usual paraffin soaked blocks and my fire collapsing.This I can say is one on the best gadgets I have ever bought.I would really recommend buying one to save the frustration of fire lighting.

16:50 PM
30th Jan 2019


Everything was perfect! Great product!!

15:01 PM
27th Jan 2019

Ian and Christine Arter

A very useful product with quick and efficient heat up. I also use it for pre-heating my woodburner in the very cold weather. When I ordered the Grenadier it was delivered promptly without any problems.

13:01 PM
25th Jan 2019


Fantastic product works well

19:36 PM
24th Jan 2019


This was a very, very last minute Christmas present for my parents-in-law. I received excellent personal service and communication and it arrived on time! I understand it has been used on a regularly basis and is easy to use so it has lived up to our expectations. Thank you so much!

19:34 PM
24th Jan 2019

Ray B

What a FIRST class product , I've had one for 7 years and when my son had a log burner fitted that was his Christmas present sorted.
Seems an expensive product BUT once you use one , you couldn't do without.

18:43 PM
24th Jan 2019

Mrs Catherine Morton

Great company. Our firelighter was (I think unusually) faulty. It was collected within an hour and returned in two days. They were courteous, prompt and the firelighter itself is splendid - an essential gadget - no more smelly firelighters!

16:06 PM
24th Jan 2019

John Williams

I live in an old house in the North Highlands of Scotland. For some years I have lit my multifuel stove in late August & let it out in April or May.
Having the Grenadier means I can let the stove out every night & relight it reliably without messing about with morning wood, paper & the like in less time than it takes to make a cuppie - the result being about a 20% saving in fuel cost. The Grenadier, though quite expensive, therefore pays for itself in less than 20 weeks including electrical running costs with no loss of comfort as the stonework retains enough heat over each night .

15:52 PM
24th Jan 2019

Victoria Bingham

Excellent for both inside and for bonfires!! We love ours and had got this one to give to a friend who was giving us a very generous New Year. But she already had been given one for Christmas!! Quite the 'must have' present clearly!!

14:21 PM
24th Jan 2019

Peter Simkins

~This is a brilliant product, lights anything and it is so quick.
Great for getting the flue up to temperauture quickly

14:07 PM
24th Jan 2019


Very glad of my purchase!

13:47 PM
24th Jan 2019


Thanks so much

13:36 PM
24th Jan 2019

Philip Ingleby

Great product - love it. No mucking around with matches and newspaper - clean and effective.

10:18 AM
29th Dec 2018

Judith Hurst

Rigged up and pointed into wood burning stove to watch the magic happen - and it did. Very impressive piece of kit/would recommend.

07:55 AM
17th Dec 2018


I thought I was being very extravagant buying this product but having used it for a few weeks now I think it well worth the money.

01:31 AM
17th Dec 2018

Roisin Steele

Delighted with product

20:01 PM
16th Dec 2018

Alan Parfitt

Lights hard to light anthracite every time. Solidly built- not cheap but worth it.

19:04 PM
16th Dec 2018


Great company to deal with. Very quick and professional. Thank you.

18:44 PM
16th Dec 2018


I love this product. As I was never a girl guide so am hopeless at lighting fires this takes the hassle out of it. No more paper and fire lighters just switch it on and away you go, in minutes you have a lovely burning fire.

16:23 PM
16th Dec 2018

Andy McPherson

Do you remember?

There was a time when technical fully engineered products were designed to function and were relied upon to be effective long service and unquestionably fit for purpose. I may be a little "long in the tooth" but my experience of most manufacturers over recent years is that they no longer adopt this approach.

It is with great praise that I say Grenadier has changed my jaundiced opinion.

I have owned a Grenadier Firelighter for about 10 years. This product is excellent quality and the customer service provided is second to none

Well done Grenadier.

10:15 AM
17th Nov 2018

Adrian Clarkson

I've had my Grenadier Firelighter for 25+ years now and cannot imagine life without it. It's especially great for lighting hard manufactured smokeless fuels such as Ancit/Phurnacite which are virtually impossible to light any other way!! It also finds use in the summer with the BBQ.
Early on I bought a replacement nozzle to have as a spare - not had to use it yet!!
Highly recommended!

18:51 PM
06th Sep 2018

brian may

I have been using one for 40years+ and purchased (with my brother) at least 30 in that time, mostly as wedding presents

11:34 AM
09th May 2018


The Grenadier removes any excuse for not having a fire. I love it and would quite happily have a fire going all year round and The Grenadier enforces this!

22:20 PM
05th Apr 2018

Christine Sladden

What did we do without this wonderful product?

19:30 PM
05th Apr 2018

Mark Muddiman

Best Electric Firelighter on the Market.

15:07 PM
05th Apr 2018


The Grenadier is a very effective firelighter. It is easy to use and certainly safer than the gas poker I used before.

19:18 PM
27th Mar 2018

Brighton Dude

I use mine with a multi-fuel stove and the fuel is Homefires Ecoal50 which it seems to light up just fine.

If you have a multi-fuel stove or a wood burning stove then I recommend you measure the height you'll need. I can't "fire" the Grenadier through grating at the front of the stove as the holes in the grating are too small and my guess is that is usually the case. So it has to go over the grating and in my case that means using the taller stand which is an optional extra.

Using it is much easier than messing with kindling and all that. Also if for some reason you don't succeed in lighting, by say withdrawing it too early, then all you have to do is put it back. If kindling doesn't light the fire then you have to redo it all again.

12:20 PM
05th Mar 2018

Bruce Baker

An excellent product, removes the need for firelighters, but laying some kindling under some types of coal, will produce a quicker flame.

09:09 AM
09th Feb 2018

Peter Kemp

Does what it says, brilliant. Saves time and effort, no kindling, no paper, no firelighters.
Everyone should have one if you have a fire to light.

21:19 PM
08th Feb 2018


Lighting a fire is now so easy. Fifteen minutes and a roaring fire. The Grenadier looks and feels like a well built bit of kit.
Only took a few days to arrive.

20:51 PM
08th Feb 2018

Robin Nicholl

We had one of these when I was a child (don't know who made it, but it was very similar, if a little larger). It competed with the gas pokers we also had, but was quite a bit faster. The Grenadier does exactly what I expected it would, and gets a fire going from 0 to flaming in minutes. One of the best investments I've made recently: stops all the fiddling with firelighters and kindling, or winding up old newspapers (which doesn't work so well with the Guardian iPad app anyway!). I would definitely recommend it.

09:24 AM
10th Jan 2018

Rory Barratt

The Grenadier Firelighter is a life changing piece of kit! No more looking for kindling or worrying about damp logs - this machine lights anything you give it.
Great service and good value

22:12 PM
09th Jan 2018

Sean Quinn

This is my second Grenadier Firelighter. The previous one lasted for 30 years and gave brilliant service during that time in what was admittedly, a holiday house so it wan't fired up every day in winter, just at weekends. Unfortunately, at the end of its life, it started blowing the mains circuit-breaker (trip switch) so we bought a new one. It seems marginally quieter than its predecessor, though just as efficient. I should have bought the accessory tall stand as our fire front is quite high. I have to remove the log bar from the grate (16" Star Fire) and stand the firelighter on it to reach into the coal, but I have been doing that for years and it is no hassle. It is now quite an expensive investment, but it is preferable to messing about with firelighter blocks etc.

12:17 PM
12th Dec 2017

Simon ward

Really good thing to have particularly this time of year when it is very cold. Everybody probably does this but for those that don't the following is my experience of how to use the grenadier. I lay the fire with kindling I then point the barrel up the chimney to get rid of the cold air in the flue, once this is done I then point the nozzle at the kindling, this I have found prevents smoke blow back.

18:35 PM
10th Dec 2017

Rose Lewis

We have bought this as a Christmas present for our daughter. We have had one for years and think it is great!

21:05 PM
07th Dec 2017

Caroline Thomas

Excellent service - supplied quickly and with due consideration to the needs of the customer. I can only review the one I have owned for about 25 years which is still excellent. This one is for a gift.

12:17 PM
30th Nov 2017

H Gosling

I would like to thank you very much indeed for your splendid service in dealing with our Grenadier Firelighter made in 1971.

Your service has been excellent, and I know that people are usually fairly quick to complain when things are not right, but you have done an excellent job here. I think the design of the carton in which you returned the unit was exceptional.

All is well. it is now blowing hot air as required and I fear that I shall not be alive in another 46 years if it needs repair again then!

I just wanted to take the time to write and thank you for your service.

16:31 PM
07th Nov 2017

Dan Mortimer

The most amazing Firelighter ever invented. Works really like magic. Wished I had found out about it so many
years ago. You deserve a knighthood

17:35 PM
06th Nov 2017

Mrs Melanie J Young

Excellent service from start to finish. Easy to order, immediately despatched, kept informed of progress and well packaged.
Thanks to the instructions easy to assemble and use. Works exactly as it should and takes the hassle out of lighting our stoves.
Would highly recommend both your firm and this product.

12:14 PM
06th Nov 2017

S N Steele

Just love it. Arrived next day.
Does what it says on the box, cosy in no time!

21:33 PM
03rd Jan 2017

David Duffy

An unexpected benefit of my Grenadier is that a fireplace which smoked badly on startup, now behaves perfectly, as the grenadier seems to heat the chimney before igniting the wood - my wife was delighted.
Having said that, I cannot now envisage having a wood fire without this device - the effortless bliss is beyond price!

17:45 PM
27th Nov 2016

Emma Tysoe

Just a quick line to thank you for the wonderful service received from your company. We had an issue with a product and you immediately offered to test it for us. It was thoroughly investigated by your technical department and returned very promptly with a clean bill of health. It has since worked perfectly and we feel confident that it will do for a great many years. Your customer service approach is wonderful - warm and assuring and nothing seemed too much trouble - even calling to check we were happy. Thank you .

16:55 PM
06th Apr 2016

Steve Birchall

My kids bought me a grenadier firefighter for Christmas. A pretty unusual Christmas present! I love a gadget and my log burner! The firelighter is really easy to use and pretty impressive! I've got my chimnea and fire-pit lined up for the summer nights! Really pleased with it, fantastic!

13:34 PM
22nd Oct 2015

S Goodale

Everyone should have one! We loved it so much after seeing it around a friends ! We bought one and have just bought another for our parents it saves on kindling , keeping newspaper, fire lighters etc.... All you need is coal or logs or a mixture of all !!! Takes 10mins - so have a bath get the tea on whatever and when you are finished a lovely fire - don't have much ashes left in grate!

13:28 PM
03rd May 2015

Mark Dorber

A brilliant buy! I bought it for our wood burning stove. I had to make a small stand to raise the height by 10cms. Another bonus is that the glass does not mark nearly as much as when I used. Zip firelighters, I bought the Grenadier because Zip were getting too small and had to use 2 or 3. Delighted with the Grenadier. It's very well made and it seems the design hasn't changed for ages.

13:36 PM
11th Jan 2015


I have coveted the idea of one of these for years as it is incredibly difficult to light Homefire Ovals - we live in a smokeless zone. Finally got exasperated with firelighters this Christmas New Year someone gave us some money and I used it for this. Why didn't we get one the first time I thought about it? Absolutely superb so clean and effortless - throw some ovals in the grate switch on and that's it job's a good 'un!! Almost as effortless and as clean as lighting the gas fire. Thoroughly recommend it although would still be resentful of paying the price out of my own pocket although initial thoughts are build quality seems good but time will tell. . .

16:52 PM
23rd Dec 2013

Andrew Katz

This thing is the dogs. Its design is essentially unchanged in the last 40 (at least) years, but that's no bad thing - the one my grandparents had was great, and so is the one I've just bought.
It's very solidly made, from steel, mainly, and there's no reason it shouldn't last for many, many years. There tip at the end of the tube where the hot air comes out is especially thick, and it's designed to be removable and replaceable when it's shrunk from 5 inches long to around 2 inches. I would imagine that in average use, it takes about 10 years for the tip to burn down this far. I can't think of many appliances which are designed with spare parts that are likely to last this long!
If you haven't used one before, it's simplicity itself. It's also important to realise that the flow of the

16:34 PM
20th Dec 2013

Jon Walker

This is the best an quickest firelighter I have ever had. Reliable, efficient, and very easy to use. I can thoroughly recommend this appliance to anyone who has struggled with lighting a fire in the past!

16:42 PM
08th Dec 2013

Peter Herbert

For lighting difficult fires, damp coal or wood, the Grenadier is utterly brilliant, clean and quick. Would not be without it. Ours is going strong after 12 years.

16:45 PM
01st Dec 2013

Sean Manuel

Had it for many months now - and it never fails. Use it for lighting kindling under coal open fire place as well as wood burning stove. Even used it to light barbecues in the Summer. But be sure to read and follow operating and safety instructions

16:48 PM
28th Nov 2013

Ronald Ritchie

I love the Grenadier Firelighter, I have osteo-arthritis and now I have a new multi fuel stove, the lighter has been a great asset and help to me, as not able to always get down to light paper at back of the stove. No need for that now with the Grenadier Electric Fire lighter.
I am over the moon with my purchase. Thank you.