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Product Reviews

03:09 AM
12th Sep 2018


Very good personal service. Have not used the fire pit yet as it is a Christmas present for my husband. Looks lovely. Delivery excellent. So hope it lives up to expectations.

06:43 AM
06th Aug 2018


Excellent product, well made and looks really stylish.

18:27 PM
27th Jul 2018

Steve Billett

First impressions are good - solid, well made and very nice finish to the bowl - it's a really attractive fire pit. Works really well and easy to keep clean so overall very happy with the product and would recommend!

13:47 PM
22nd Jun 2017

David Edmundson

Great Product

I have used this product for nearly one year and enjoyed it very much. It is easy to keep clean and looks great after each time its been used, the heat output is very impressive and retains heat from the bowl for a long time.

22:07 PM
07th Jun 2017

Michael Wells

Superb! Made in South Africa where they know a thing or two about how to cook on a fire. I am so impressed with this fire pit - it's far better quality than a metal bowl style.