There’s nothing more relaxing, soothing and soul lifting than sitting by a warm roaring fire. And now scientists have discovered tangible health benefits to gazing at a warm hearth.

Roaring Fire

According to research carried out by the University of Alabama sitting by a fire decreases blood pressure. The study measured the blood pressure among 226 adults. Participants were asked to watch a video of a virtual fire – with and without sound; their blood pressure was monitored before and after the trial. The results indicated consistent blood pressure decreases in the fire-with-sound condition and enhancing effects of absorption and pro-sociality.

It also proved that our enjoyment of flickering light, crackling sounds, warmth, and a distinctive smell may be rooted in evolution. The reason for the relaxing effect harks back to prehistoric times when Stone Age men socialised around camp fires and felt safe and warm while bonding with friends. They relied on fire for light, protection, heat, cooking, hunting, and also social cohesion as the campfire brought relaxation and enhanced prosocial behaviour.

So, as well as providing a great source of warmth during these colder months, a fire also offers proven health benefits.  If you are struggling lighting a fire or are fed up with all the fuss it takes scrunching up paper, lighting endless matches and buying chemical firelighters, consider the Grenadier Electric Firelighter. This innovative device will get your fire roaring within minutes with no fuss – allowing you to de-stress and benefit from a cosy fire whenever you need it.

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